Nutrition Club

We at Blossom are proud to offer our very own Nutrition Club featuring the incredible Herbalife. Whether you are trying to slim up and get your daily vitamins, or trying to gain weight and having difficulties. We have you covered! The great thing about our Club is that you may do the whole program, or just order your daily fix. 
Some of our offerings
  • Meal Replacement Shakes- variety of flavors with add ins
  •  Metabolism Tea- burns 80-100 calories while simply sipping
  • Aloe Add In- great for the digestive system
  • Immunity Boost Add In- great for supporting the immune system
  • Liftoff Tabs- like red bull without the crash 
    We offer the option to sign up fully, or the option to just order the drinks/products you favor.
    We are happy to offer you healthier options.
    Inquire with a staff member for more details or visit our Contact Us page!